100~1500 Wood Briquette Press

Machine Information

Wood briquettes can be used not only for tile stoves, but also for almost every solid combustible burning plant.

With RUF briquetting presses your waste is reduced to a minimum volume. Your wood remains a natural product because it is briquetted under high pressure without any artificial binder. The result is the highest quality briquettes all with the same size, shape and hardness and meeting the requirements described in DIN 51731.

The advantages of RUF at a glance:

  • Compact construction
  • Minimal assembly costs
  • No special foundations needed
  • Low wear and tear
  • Siemens SPS control system
  • Automatic adjustment of different densities of loose material
  • Can be filled with a grain size of up to 50 mm
  • Your logo on briquettes can help to promote your company
  • Rectanguler briquette shape means they can be stacked
  • Low electrical power consumption in proportion to briquette-making output
  • Reduced costs on handling and transport
  • Direct connection to manufacturing technology
  • All presses are operator-free facilities for running 24 hours a day

Owing to many years of experience, we are capable to offer to you an optimized solution of a briquetting system that meets your requirements.