TigerSaw 1000 Crayon Defect Optimizing Saw


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TigerStop’s new TigerSaw1000 system puts the power in your hands. Don’t be a slave to your lumber supplier. Start optimizing and defecting your raw materials yourself, in turn allowing you to process lower grade lumber while reaping the benefits of the same or better quality.

Crayon Defect Marking & Dynamic Optimization

Handling lower grade boards with more defects is normal time-consuming and frustrating for any operator. Now TigerSaw1000 makes it as easy as using high grades, all the while getting the same yield.

Easily mark your board for multi-grade cutting and place it in the loading position. TigerSaw1000 does the rest, over-scanning the board, cutting your parts and giving you the highest yield. Even if you stay with your high grade materials, you will experience an exceptional increase in yield using the TigerSaw1000.

  • Crayon Defecting
  • Material Optimization
  • Inkjet or Paper Label Printing
  • TigerSaw Precision Sawing System
  • Automated Precision Length Positioning
  • Safety hood
Maximum Pusher Speed 325 feet (114M) per minute*
Positioning Accuracy**: +/- 0.006” (+/- .2mm) Interferometer verified on request
Saw Cycles/Minute: Variable up to 240 strokes per minute
Motor Specs: 7.5kW (10hp), 3,525 RPM (enclosed fan cooled) available in 208-230-440/480
Power Requirements: 208 VAC, 3 phase, 36 FLA; 230 VAC, 3 phase, 33 FLA; 460 VAC, 3 phase, 17 FLA
Exhaust Port: 4” Ø (102 mm) requiring 600cfm (17M 3) minimum for dry light materials. Other material may need higher velocity/pressure
Compressed Air Requires 80PSI (5.5 Bars) at 5 CFM (0.17 M3) Air filtered to 2.5 microns (oil and moisture free). Use industrial air dryer, rated for CFM (CM) flow. No lubrication required for air components. Air must be lubricant free. Note: Use of lubrication may void warranty.
Specialty Tooling for work piece holding: Available on special request
Blade Size 18” (450mm)
Arbor: 1.181” (30mm) with two .315” (8mm) pins spaced 2.5” (63.5mm)
Positioner Drive Types Belt: 32mm Steel Reinforced
Processing Lengths Belt Drive: 12’ (3.657M) to 24’ (7.31M)
Working Weight See TigerSaw (Belt Drive)
Options Available
  • Tektronix InkJet Printer for TigerSaw 1000 
  • TigerStop working length 20’, overall length 22’ (SIK & MGS Included) 
  • Solid Tables Overall Length 22’, overall width 14.44”, 2 legs,
    height adjustable 27” to 36”, Tilted 10°
  • Solid Tables Overall Length 6’, overall width 14.44”, 1 leg,
    height adjustable 27” to 36”. Tilted 10°
  • Back fence, 6’ section, includes hardware
  • Universal Bracket with hardware
  • TigerLink 6 – software for work order downloading
  • Ethernet to serial converter