EDGEMAX Cutting Machine


Machine Information


The EdgeMax by Messer Cutting Systems is designed as a compact machine with a rugged unitized steel table / frame, full capture bearing assemblies and a low-mass aluminum beam. Driven by duel brushless AC motors, the EdgeMax provides fast acceleration, precise motion and a very stable cutting platform. From precision plasma, conventional plasma or low power plasma systems, the new EdgeMax can be configured to provides the custom solution for your plate cutting needs.

Powered by the Messer Global Control S with touch screen interface and the familiar Windows® screen layout, novice operators quickly master the machine. Coupled with Messer’s Virtual Service, real-time direct applications help is available to new operators and programmers providing quick, accurate and complete answers to process and operational questions.

Water Table option available


  • Cutting widths 6’, 8’, 10’
  • Cutting lengths 12’ or 24’
  • Cut 26 gage to 2.5” thick plate
  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Positioning speeds 1,700 IPM
  • Unitized construction with levelers for quick installation
  • Removable slat frames and rigid wave-lock slats provide a solid and stable cut surface
  • Table doors allow for easy lost part retrieval and slag removal
  • Ducted table with damper-controlled zones for dust and smoke removal
  • Global ControlS a Windows® based operating system with easy to use operator interface with touchscreen
  • Left or right hand mounted control that swivels and tilts for operator comfort
  • Twenty home positions for multiple start points and lost cut recovery reposition to any pierce point
  • Virtual ServiceTM remote consultation and diagnostics
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to machine tool and ISO 230-2 standards
  • UL available
Optional Features
  • Water Table
  • Precision plasma up to 400 amps
  • Turbo FlameTM
  • Advanced gas cutting with oxyfuel technology with Omniflow Automated Gas Regulation System
  • Plasma auto gas console
  • Plasma and oxyfuel station outlet equipment
  • PL-1 Lifter with SureStop Collision Sensor
  • Plate Rider attachment
  • Various plate markers: Plasma, Air Scribe, Punch, and Ink Jet
  • Flex Zone, for tube and structural steel cutting
  • Digital Video Camera
  • Laser Pointer
  • Global Reporter
  • Programming and nesting software
  • Plasma Air Booster
  • Operator glare shield
  • Pipe and Tube Cutting
  • Messer free-standing carriage dust collector system
  • Spark Trap
  • Sentry Service Preventative Maintenance Program
Model Machine Width Machine Length Tool Coverage
EdgeMax 6’ x 12 135” 239” 6’x 12Plate
EdgeMax 6‘ x 24’ 135” 400” 6‘x 24’ Plate
EdgeMax 8’ x 12’ 159” 239” 8’x 12’ Plate
EdgeMax 8’ x 24’ 159” 400” 8’ x 24’ Plate
EdgeMax 10’ x 12’ 183” 239” 10’ x 12’ Plate
EdgeMax 10’ x 24’ 183” 400” 10’ x 24’ Plate