EM Intermediate Production End-Matcher

Machine Information


With a capacity of 8 to 10 thousand board feet per shift, based on feed stock 2.25 inch x 36 inches, the End-Matcher Model EM is designed for end-matching of strip flooring in a mid-sized volume production environment.

  • This system includes a traverse bar conveyor of 21 feet long by 5 feet wide.
  • Bar spacing is available at 12″ or 8″ center to center.
  • Material is placed between the traverse bars at the infeed end of the machine. While random length pieces are brought forward, material is positioned by perpendicular roller conveyors ahead of both machining centers. A third roller conveyor takes care of lateral outfeed. Roller conveyors are 24″ wide and are imbedded into the transport table. The system is also equipped with a motorised pinch roller to re-align pieces longer than 60 inches, prior to the second machining center.
  • The basic system is powered by a 3 HP variable speed main drive from 20 to 60 feet per minute.
  • Tongue and groove machining centers are equipped with a squaring saw. The tongue station features a bottom and a top groover, while the groove station features a groover. The 5 squaring saws and groovers are powered by 3 HP arbor motors. When entering either one of the machining centers, material is pushed up against the hold-down press for justification with respect to the top of the board.