MR Moulder Return Conveyor

Machine Information


The MR Return Conveyors are suitable for applications with a feed rate up to 80 feet per minute. Specially designed to handle the fast pace of end-to-end pieces on moulders, MR Return Conveyors enable you to run your moulder with just one operator. Available in three models: MR-8, MR-12 and MR-16.


  • A pair of rollers, driven by a variable speed motor, guides the boards exiting the moulder towards the receiving module
  • Boards entering the receiving table are supported by an adjustable ledge in the continuation of the mouder’s fence
  • Once the boards exit the feed rollers, they are released by gravity to transfer below the ledge. Then, side-shifted to the return rollers quickly and efficiently
  • The return rollers, made of heavy PVC, are individually driven by welded urethane belts
  • The transfer process occurs on a continuous basis, eliminating functional limitations typical of return devices with multiple “cycle” steps
  • All models feature a 48″ wide receiving module and return rollers are 12″ wide; their length is proportionate to the length of your moulder

The MR Return Conveyor is available in three models: MR-8, MR-12 and MR-16:

  • The MR-8 model features a 60″ long receiving module that is suitable for boards up to 96″ long
  • The MR-12 features a 84″ long receiving module that is suitable for boards up to 144″ long
  • The MR-16 features a 120″ long receiving module that is suitable for boards up to 192″ long
  • Accumulation table can be located on the left side of return conveyor or at the end of return conveyor
  • Quick release disconnect on caster mounting for return section
  • Main module on caster mounting