Door and Window Clamps

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Italpresse is proud to introduce the next generation of door and window frame clamps. The new designs are a synergy between Italpresse’s 50 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise and valuable input gained from woodworkers who use these machines everyday. Recent technological advancements in the window and door industries have generated demand for assembly clamps with precise positioning control and low clamping pressures. Italpresse has responded to this demand with the introduction of new innovative solutions, some of which are now patented. Great attention has been paid to the design to enhance the rigidity of the frame and precision of the clamping and squaring action even for the most challenging joinery techniques. An in depth ergonomic study combined with input from the people who use these machines everyday has raised the standards to a new level making the clamps easier and faster to work with while reducing operator fatigue. The complete range of frame clamps offered by Italpresse has been designed for both traditional and new innovative joinery techniques. More and more of our customers are moving towards pre-squared and finished windows frames or the use of mechanical fasteners. In many cases, our customers must utilize various joinery techniques in their production of frames requiring a broad range of control capability from the frame clamp. Our latest generation of clamps provides this level of control and more.


Our U-Tronic provides a completely novel solution for window and door assembly. Its design is a result of an in depth study undertaken at the factories of our most demanding customers of both traditional and pre-finished windows and doors. The U-Tronic with its innovative design is very different from any other competitive machine currently available in the market.

Just to list a few of the major advantages of the U-Tronic in comparison to other so called “state-of-the-art” clamps: very rapid position change, exacting tolerances while working at maximum pressure with automatic positioning control, electronic touch screen controls with simple and intuitive design, programming suited to both batch and one off production, remote programming through a LAN, bar code reading, and extremely rugged and reliable mechanical design.