Concept Primus Case Clamp

Machine Information

  • Sturdy stress-free welded and assembled steel frame guarantees square cabinet assembly.
  • Top pressure beam with 7 machined steel bars (laminae).
  • Side pressure beam with 8 machined steel bars (laminae).
  • Counter-pressure (bottom/side) surfaces, 38mm thick solid laminated working surface.
  • Motorized adjustment of both pressure beams by precision trapezoidal-threaded spindles (for optimal lead and concentricity accuracy) and heavy-duty machine running nut with integral grease reservoir.
  • Pressing of work pieces is by two separate helical geared motors (2 x 2.2kW) and electromagnetic disc brakes.
  • Maximum pressing force is 3,500 dN (kg) per pressure beam.
  • The pressing force of the pressure beams is digitally adjustable and regulated by a frequency changer, resulting in absolutely wear-free operation.
  • Pressing velocity 25mm/sec, adjustable to 50mm/sec, controlled by automatic work piece recognition with sensors in the laminae pressure beams.