Top & Bottom Sanders

Machine Information

Standard Equipment
  • N : spiral cutterhead with Throw-away knives
  • An electric eye.
  • Display position number.
  • Alarm bell and flash light.
  • Speed change for feeding, controlled by Inverter (VFD).
  • Rubber Endless Belt.
  • Automatic device for feed belt tracking.
  • Automatic to stop a machine when sanding belt off.
  • Pressure feeder: by steel plate(plating hard chrome).
Optional Equipment
  • R head: rubber roller or steel roller
  • Air jet cleaner for sanding paper.
  • Vacuum device (suction for panel)

NT: Top planer sander (Table up/down)

Model Working Width
NT 610
NT 915
NT 1100
NT 1300
NU: Top planer sander (Table fixed)
Model Working Width
NU 610
NU 915
NU 1100
NU 1300
NB: Bottom planer sander (Table fixed)
Model Working Width
NB 610
NB 915
NB 1100
NB 1300