Challenge Series Edgebanders

Machine Information

  • Automatic edge bander for work piece thickness up to 60mm (optional) and edge thickness from 0.4 to 3 or 5mm.
  • Feed speed up to 15 m/min
  • Compact machine design
  • From 3 to 7 working units available
  • Can be configured with manual setting
    • PNE: pneumatic 2-stage automatic setting or
    • ONE: fully electronic setting of various working units.
Working Units Available
  • Pre-milling with counter rotating diamond cutterheads (r model)
  • Dual saw high frequency end trim
  • Dual motor high frequency top & bottom trim
  • High frequency corner rounding (a model)
  • PVC radius scraping device
  • Glue scraping device
  • Buffing Unit
Optional Touch Screen Control

Control system installed on machines of version with a. unit.

  • Full color tough screen graphic display
  • Simple and user-friendly operation menu
  • Work program saving system (Kit Plus)
  • Back-up system of machine data and programs
  • Rapid access to operation unit
  • Error and trouble message system

A 60 / 95** mm
B min 8 mm
B max 50/60*** mm, 45mm**
C min 0.4 mm
C max 3-5mm***, 3mm**
D 55/65***mm
E 80 / 300** mm
Air 6 bar
Feed Speed 9** / 10m/min
14** / 15*** m/min

* With pre-milling unit
** With corner rounding unit
*** Optional