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ProTable-CAB Cabinet Door Measuring

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ProTable-CAB is a two axis measuring system designed for quick and affordable length and width measurements of cabinet doors.

ProTable-CAB is built with rugged aluminum extrusion and very low friction bearings to insure smooth operation and to minimize orthogonality, Abbé, and cosine errors. The table top sits above the actual measuring devices, keeping the measuring devices out of harm’s way when parts are measured.

Three standard configurations are available to measure up to 40 x 60 inches (1000mm x 1500mm).

ProTable CAB
 This Model incorporates ProScale battery operated LCD digital readouts on each of the measuring axis.

ProTable-CAB V This model replaces the individual LCD readouts with a wireless system which transmits measurement data directly to your computer. An LCD touch screen monitor and VDRO software are included in this package.

ProTable-CAB S This model is a fully configured system that includes an industrial Windows® computer, wireless data transmission, an LCD touch screen monitor and ProCAB QC™ software.

In addition to checking parts for dimensions, ProTable-CAB allows inspection of squareness with its integrated backlight on the Y-axis.

ProTable is designed for error-free operation and is shipped fully assembled.

  • Adjustable table angle from 15 to 55 degrees for maximum comfort and ease of operation
  • Simultaneous Measurements: With ProTable-CAB, you can measure both X and Y positions at the same time.
  • Multi User Security: Menu and configuration options are controlled by the PC administrator and can be different for operators.
  • Backlit Y axis to provides a quick and easy squareness check.
  • Raised fences prevent dust accumulation from affecting measurements.


  • VDRO software – This option replaces the digital readouts on the X and Y axes with RF data transmitters, and includes a touch screen monitor for display of measurements.
  • ProCAB QC Software – Designed with more elaborate and automated functions for in house or in-coming Quality Control
  • On-site Training – Optional on-site training for your operators