Final 1350 DBB Brush Sanding Machine


Final is a highly efficient brushing machine for final adjustment of surfaces – fine grinding, structuring, smoothing, and other completion works. Individual surface adjustment procedures are based on the type of applied machine brushes. Final also offers the variability of operating aggregates (tools) and their oscillation for optimizing the achieved results.

The brushing machine Final is a multipurpose device designed for:

  • Cleaning the surface after former operations, e.g. after milling, thickening, and grinding as a preparation for the following operations of surface adjustments, e.g. varnishing, staining, waxing, etc. For this purpose, the operating brushes are used with natural or synthetic fibres of low hardness
  • Surface polishing after former operations such as fine grinding, waxing, staining, etc For this purpose the operating tools are used – disks made on textile base, various polishing felt, etc.
  • The completion fine grinding on formerly machined workpieces after former rough grinding, milling etc. For this purpose, the work tools are used – brushes made of e.g. grinding materials slips on textile or paper mat, potentially special discs fitted with fibres containing the grinding components, or discs with combined grinding slips and fibres.
  • Surface treatment, structuring, and graining. These work processes are used for surface treatment of the workpieces made mostly of massif. The goal of the procedures is the creation or highlighting of the wood natural structure. For this purpose, a wide product range of tools is supplied – brushes. The selection of suitable tool is based on the requirement of the work procedure and the resulting required structure. The work parts of the tools in this case are made of natural, synthetic, and metal fibres of various features.


Standard Equipment

  • Fixed table height - height adjustable disc brush unit
  • Maximum workpiece height 100mm (4”)
  • Automatic star/delta switch for soft start of motors
  • Digital readout of workpiece height and brush pressure
  • Position of brushes by electronic sensor
  • Packed in PE foil for shipping
  • CE certification
  • Electrics to CSA / UL Standard


Features and optional equipment included

  • 3 kW (4HP) Motor on “D” Disc Unit  Code: (P85-02)
  • Frequency converter for oscillation Code: (P85-06)
    • Variable speed 20-60 RPM. Installed on 1st unit, “D”.
    • Variable sanding disc speed for optimum finish results in various applications
  • Reverse Rotation on Both Horizontal Sanding Units “B” Code: (P85-26)
    • Installed on 1nd and 2nd units.
  •  Frequency Converter For Motor of Both Drum Brush Sanding Units “B:  Code: (P85-25)
    • Installed on 2nd and 3rd units.
    • Variable sanding brush speed for optimum finish results in various applications
  •  Automatic feed belt tracking Code: (P85-11)
    • Ensures the feed belt does not track off to one side and prevents damage to the belt
  •  Vacuum Pump + Silencer for Feed Conveyor Code: (P85-20)
    • For width 1350 mm
    • Ideal for feeding of smaller work pieces



Working width 1350 mm 53.15”
Working height (max.) 100 mm 4”
Disc diameter 250 mm – 11 discs 10” – 11 discs
Keyways 24 keyways per disc in 12 pairs, 70mm (2 ¾”) length 
Brush height 20~100mm (0.787”~4”) w/ 100mm (4”) thick workpiece 
Min. diameter of drum brush 120 mm (4.72”)  
Max. diameter of drum brush 300 mm (12”)  
Feed speeds (2) 4.5 / 9 m/min 15 / 30 FPM
Variable speed of disc 50~300 RPM  
Manual adjustment of oscillation travel 20, 40, 60, 80, 100mm 0.787”, 1.575”, 2.36”, 3.15”, 4”
Voltage 460/3/60