Why Purchasing a TigerStop is a Good Investment

TigerStop worth the investment

Founded in 1994 by Spencer and Mary Dick, TigerStop is a global leader in automated stop/gauge and pusher systems. As an owner of a manufacturing business, Spencer noticed the inefficiency and inaccuracy of manually measuring parts and calibrating machinery while cutting and processing material to desired lengths. Unable to find an existing solution in the marketplace, Spencer founded TigerStop to help other manufacturers automate this process. Today, TigerStop is an international company headquartered in Washington State with distribution across six continents, and tens of thousands of TigerStops installed worldwide.

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BC Greenhouse – Tigerstop SawGear Testimonial

BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd.’s Testimonial on the TigerStop SawGear that they recently purchased from Akhurst Machinery

Our first SawGear installation and use has been so succesful that we are poised to purchase our second unit. This will aid us in achieving our goals of continous improvement, a top quality product, and increased profitability.

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Not All Straight Line Ripsaws Are Created Equal

When purchasing a straight line ripsaw a number of factors are considered to ensure you are getting a machine that fits your needs. You need to ask yourself what are you going todo with the machine.  Do you require a glue joint cut? If so how long of a glue joint do you require?  How deep do I need to cut?  What is the maximum ripping width?

Below we explain some of the key differences between straight line rip saws which will aid in your machine selection.

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